Universitas Majalengka

Establishment of Yayasan Pembina Pendidikan Majalengka (YPPM)

Yayasan Pembina Pendidikan Majalengka (YPPM) was established on July 16, 1984 and legalized by Notarial Deed Iskandar Wiramihardja, SH Number 177 dated October 25, 1984, which has been amended by Deed of Amendment legalized by Notary Laila Obed Number 88 dated May 31, 1999 and has been amended again by Deed of Amendment legalized by Notary Wiwin Widiyaningsih, S.H. No. 03 dated May 4, 2007. The establishment of the foundation was an initiative of the Regent of Majalengka with the support of DPRD, MUSPIDA and Majalengka community leaders.


Established the College of Teacher Training and Education (STKIP-YPPM)

Established STKIP-YPPM with Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program and Physical Education, Health and Recreation (PJKR) study program.


Established STIP-YPPM and STIE-YPPM

Opened Agricultural Cultivation, Agricultural Social Economics and Animal Husbandry Social Economics Study Programs as well as Management and Accounting Study Programs


Established STAI-YPPM

Opening Religious Education Study Program (Tarbiyah) and Sharia Study Program (Strata 1) as well as PGSDI and PGRA Diploma Programs


Establishment of Majalengka University

For the merger of 6 Colleges and the establishment of 1 Faculty with the Decree of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 60 / D / 0 2006 dated April 16, 2006


Universitas Majalengka Now

Universitas Majalengka has become the best university in Majalengka and will become the center of academic excellence in West Java in 2026.