Universitas Majalengka

universitas majalengka

In the next four years, Universitas Majalengka will become a center of academic excellence in West Java by continuing to create brilliant young innovators who are capable of establishing a leading university at the national and international levels, allowing Universitas Majalengka to continue to soar across the globe.

Universitas majalengka

"The objective is to establish a prominent academic institution in West Java by 2026, facilitated by an effective system of university governance, in order to establish a reputable and influential university at the national level."


Implementing an Internal Quality Assurance system through consistent higher education standards to produce quality and entrepreneurial graduates of Universitas Majalengka.
Producing the number and quality of national and international scientific papers supported by research facilities in accordance with national research standards through a proportional funding scheme.
Producing the amount and quality of community service through the implementation of national standards for community service by making strategic alliances with various parties to solve problems that develop in society.